@MavtonesMusic Produces Yet Another Hit EP for @BlytheDennis – #TheHeartBreakEP is out and ITS FIRE πŸ”₯ #ListeningPartyToday 🎀

Yes, we are still at it! MavTones Productions have been so busy working nonstop on so many great projects, we weren’t even going to advertise all the work….

But we couldn’t let you miss out on the hottest EP release from the sultry, Blythe Dennis. This undiscovered and also very independent artist delivers what the industry has been missing for a very long time. The soul and swagg of true artistry is proven on each track, telling the story of how some women really feel about relationships today.

From like, love and loss, Blythe definitely hits this nail on the head about it all on this album by breathing fresh air that’s mixed with so much butta.

We promise this EP is like the 8-track project that everyone has been waiting on for years!!

Get a chance to hear this breakout project April 29th, 2017 for Blythe Dennis’s Offical EP Release and Showcase Event, at Drugstore Cowboy – 2721 Main Street – Dallas, TX 75226 – 4:00 until 8:00pm.

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Written by: MyLyfe Productions, LLC

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